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Company LUKSÍK - PROMEX s.r.o. currently offers the sale of goods in 5 segments of its portfolio. The most important are two and protective equipments and hygiene products offered by the company for over 20 years. In these segments , the company has established itself as a major player in the market of the goods is interest from nursery schools to major manufacturing plants . Distributes products in various ranges as price and quality , and in her portfolio are as "no name" brand and brand renowned companies , which ranks in their respective fields among the best in the world. The wide range of products the company are distributed to customers such as various institutions , workshops, production companies, private owners , warehouses , railways , sports facilities, schools, restaurants , hotels and others. The third segment , which is an integral part of the history of trade, the hotel program , which the company has included in its portfolio in 1998 spolupodílením the production of terry program in the Czech Republic until , recently , you can buy products that are woven as one of the last in the country, although import almost everything in the Czech Republic destroyed . In recent years, the company has added to its portfolio segments office supplies promotional items to the wishes of its customers and gradually begins to spread to the commercial field in these fields. In 2013 the company obtained certification for future flagship in its portfolio and that has been certified for registration of the mark on their logo LUKS . Under this brand , the market will register the products of our company . Company LUKSÍK - PROMEX s.r.o. takes pride in his trade on reliability, decency and fairness .



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CZK/EUR 25,93 0,00 CZK/PLN 5,70 0,00 CZK/USD 21,63 0,00 CZK/GBP 29,87 0,00
  • DUPONT 68.10
  • 3M 141.14
  • HONEYWELL 91.97
  • DELTA PLUS 43.69
  • ANSELL 16.61
  • TEN CATE 20.56
  • UNILEVER 42.55
  • ECOLAB 114.60

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