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The joint venture Henkel- Ecolab in 1991 merged group of European and American companies Henkel Ecolab , the world's leading suppliers of sanitation systems for professional users. In 1992, the Henkel- Ecolab his active work in the Czech Republic.

In 2001, he became the sole owner of the original joint- venture company Ecolab .

He currently works Ecolab in more than 160 countries and employs over 23,000 staff.

In the Czech Republic, the company offers Ecolab Hygiene Ltd. comprehensive sanitation programs for professional users , individually tailored to the requirements and needs of individual plants in various fields of business .

Division of Institutional HORECA offers for public catering and accommodation comprehensive range of cleaning , washing and disinfectants , including dispensing systems for kitchens, housekeeping and small laundry . Široká variety of general purpose and special tools for machine washing dishes , dispensers, agents for the treatment of problematic dishes, preparations for disinfection of kitchen equipment and care of stainless steel surfaces , along with individual service and maintenance of dish an optimal solution for kitchen hygiene operations.

Division of Institutional BSC is ready to provide its customers with optimal solutions facility cleaning , from cleaning and maintenance of floor coverings and all surfaces and objects for equipment sanitation . Highly concentrated formulations and dosing equipment reflect modern pursuit of maximum worker safety and environmental care . Highly effective products are complemented by a range of cleaning machinery such as cleaning machines, single-disk cleaning and polishing machines , vacuum cleaners , flat mops , cleaning carts , etc.

High demands on hygienic cleanliness in hospitals and other medical facilities to help meet the disinfection and cleaning products Healthcare Division . The offer includes products for disinfection of surfaces, tools , hands and skin , complete with wash and care product , metering and other tools .

Modular Systems Division Textile Care enables industrial laundries high-quality results at favorable costs , in accordance with the most demanding requirements for environmental protection .

Laundry service team of specialists helps professional laundries optimize processes and finding new solutions. The company Ecolab can offer our customers the universal and special works and aids in the form of powders , granules, pastes or liquid products , including reliable metering and control technology.

Food & Beverage Division ensures safe and efficient cleaning and disinfection procedures in the production of food, beverage , dairy , agriculture , pharmaceutical industry and in the manufacture of cosmetics .

Professional Ecolab sanitation programs , individually tailored to specific conditions , possibilities and requirements of individual customers , go beyond the mere supply of detergents and disinfectants , application systems , metering and monitoring equipment . Ecolab offers its customers a long-term partnership , it is a comprehensive service covering detailed inspection of the operation and design optimal sanitation , sanitation plans , support the introduction of new programs , staff training , continuous assessment and monitoring , safety, preventive maintenance and fault resolution . The company offers comprehensive supply from one supplier in the form of a sale , lease or rent.


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