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Inauguration of the new lines in the Krapkowice the participation of our company Lukšík-PROMEX sro as ambassador in Czech Republic



In Wednesday, October 2, 2013 , we participated in the inauguration of a new line for the production of paper celuozového Krapkowicívh in Poland with the participation of President Metsa Group Kari Jordan , Finnish Minister of Agriculture Jari Koskinen and Polish Minister for Economy and Regional Development Janusce Piechochinskeho . Metsa Group completed in the summer its investment in the Polish Krapkowice worth € 55 million and launched its renewed production of 2 October 2013. It is the largest investment in the history Metssa tissue , which is part of the group Metsa . The investment includes two brand new state of the art production line and build a new warehouse . This investment increases the production capacity to 50,000 tons per year production celuozového paper ." The new production line in Krapkowice is the most advanced production line in Europe. This investment is strategically important to the group Metsä because it strengthens our market position and competitiveness in the European market . Today's consumers want products accessible , high-quality toiletries. Our Polish line meets these expectations very well, " says Kari Jordan , President and CEO of Metsä Group.
" Metsä Tissue experiencing strong growth in Poland and neighboring markets , where demand for new products celuozových increases substantially. Due to this large investment , Metsä Tissue increase your productivity and energy efficiency in production at the world level , " says Mika Joukio , CEO Metsä Tissue .
By using the best available technology , Metsä Tissue has reduced CO2 emissions by 60% on NO2 emissions by 50 % and virtually eliminate the emission of SO2 . Due to the significant improvement in water use and processing , the amount of waste water was reduced by 42 %.
Krapkowická line Metsä Tissue manufactures its top brands Lambi , Mola and Katrin for consumers. Metsä Tissue has requested the use of environmental labels such as EU Flower and Nordic Eco -label for all its products. Metsä Tissue is active in Poland since 1997 and has about 250 employees.


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